Subscribe to Save's Subscribe to Save is a convenient online service that ensures you never go without your favorite products. You specify which products you'd like and receive them automatically monthly, in addition to benefiting from a great discount. You will never run out of your daily needs again, shampoos, baby diapers, pads, shower gels, makeup, shaving and many more.

You always have complete control over your subscriptions . You can change your quantity, skip some of the items for next month, or cancel it if you no longer need that item in the 'My Subscriptions' button in ‘My Account’ dropmenu.

You can cancel at any time. Normal shipping fees apply unless you subscribed 4 products or more .





Discover and select from our wide variety of premium subscribable products


Receive and start saving on your subscribed products on a monthly basis


Enjoy your ordered products and we’ll see you next month



Subscription Customizability Options:

1- How do you save your money ?

Enjoy our special offer where you will receive extra 5% off when subscribing to 3 products or less and a free shipping when subscribing to 4 products or more.

2- Want your subscription earlier or later than planned?

If you ran out of your favorite products, you can expedite the process and change your delivery date to an earlier day by visiting "My Account" then "My subscriptions" then click on” edit “ to change delivery date.

3- Don’t want your subscription this month?

If you'd like to not receive your subscription this month, you can "Skip" your subscription, and it will arrive on the same date on the following month.

Click on "My Account" then "My subscriptions" then click on "skip ".

4- Don’t want your subscription anymore?

Click on "My Account" then "My subscriptions" then click "view"  then click on “cancel subscription” on the product you no longer need 

For more questions please visit FAQ  and  Return policy

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